Parents & Guardians

How to ensure success

Sound Storm character art of Suno the lion.

What is your role in ensuring your child's success?

While the app is designed to be engaging with gamified rewards and an unfolding story narrative, it is not a ‘set and forget’ activity. It relies on your commitment as much as it relies on your child’s. Think of it like taking your child to the gym – the mind gym – and you are the personal trainer.

Before starting, we recommend that you listen to the program so you know what your child can expect.

We strongly encourage you to sit with your child, uninterrupted, while they complete each day’s game. Provide them with lots of support, such as “You’re doing great, keep going!” and check the Progress report at the end of each session with them. Explaining what the Progress report results mean will encourage them to complete the next day’s session.

It is also a good idea to share audio, either through a headphone jack or pair Bluetooth headphones. This is useful on occasions when your child is having difficulty staying on task or as a way to provide positive reinforcement when your child is doing well.

While the program has an in-game reward system, external weekly and end-of-game rewards will further encourage your child to stick with the game. For example, you may implement a visual reward chart for your child with a reward at 50 games and then 100 games.

If your child is getting frustrated or upset during a session, it is OK to let them take a break for a few days.

The program can get difficult and monotonous at times, but remember, it is clinically proven to work if your child completes the program (2 game per day, five days a week for 10-12 weeks).

Don’t give up!

Where should your child do the training?

The environment where your child plays the game will influence their ability to concentrate and stick with the program. We suggest setting your child up in a quiet room without distractions. They should sit up straight in a chair to encourage good focus.

Sit with your child in the room, giving them your full attention. We suggest you leave your phone in another room so as not to distract you or your child.

Support your child throughout each session and attend to them if they have any questions.

At the end of the 10-12 week program, return to your audiologist for a retest to confirm there has been complete remediation of your child’s Spatial Processing Disorder.

What happens if your child presents with an ear infection or fluctuating hearing during the Sound Storm treatment?

It is advisable to stop using Sound Storm and consult your clinician for advice. Wait until the infection or other condition has cleared before starting the program again.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about Sound Storm or your child’s participation in the program, contact your audiologist or get in touch with us.