Sound Storm

The Game in Detail

How to Play the Game

  1. The player must listen to Nala’s voice as a guide. She will sound like she’s standing in front of the player.
  2. Before Nala says something the player will hear a beep.
  3. After the beep, the player will hear Nala say a sentence, like “The dog ate six red shoes.” 
  4. Sound Storm ‘distractor’ voices coming from the left and right of the player will compete with Nala’s voice. The player must try their best to ignore these voices and focus on what Nala is saying.
  5. After Nala completes her sentence, five pictures will appear. The picture corresponds to a number of word choices. For example, a picture of a shoe represents the word ‘shoe’.
  6. The player must select the picture that matches one of the words in Nala’s sentence.
  7. If the player taps on the ‘?’, the sentence will be repeated once. Tapping it again will skip the sentence.
  8. Nala’s voice will get softer or louder depending on the player’s responses. The aim is to keep the game challenging so the neural pathways dedicated to spatial processing can continue to be enhanced. 

Recommended training protocol

It is recommended that a child plays 2 games/day, 5 days/week, for a total of 10 weeks. So, they should complete 100 games in total. This is the requirement for successful remediation of Spatial Processing Disorder with Sound Storm.

What are the progress and rewards in the game?

During the training, the child will progress through to new worlds, and earn diamonds, feathers and other items that start to appear on the characters of the games as they’re earned.

Once the child has started their training, you can use the player setup screen to access their progress reports by tapping the graph icon next to the player’s name.

This important function allows the family to monitor the child’s progress, and to share the reports with you.

What is the child’s 'Sound Storm Number'?

The Sound Storm Number indicates improvement as play progresses. It is displayed on the screen after each game (40 sentences) has been completed. However, it is not displayed until the first 10 games are completed i.e. after five days of playing two games per day.

How many players can be registered to play Sound Storm?

Each Sound Storm application purchased can be used with up to three players who are registered on the Player Setup Screen. For example, if two children who are siblings require the training, both can use the software. A parent/guardian can also set themselves up as a player so that he or she can try the game without affecting their child’s performance.

A player must log in and do their training using their unique player name. It is very important that no unregistered players use the software or access a specific player’s account to play the games because their performance will impact the registered player’s progress and reward system.

Does the Sound Storm App need special headphones?

Sound Storm can be used with any headphones that have a good high-frequency response. To provide consistent results, parents should ensure that they use the same headphones throughout the training period.

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