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Our vision at Sound Storm is to help 25,000 children with Auditory Processing Disorders by 2025

Our plan is to connect with parents and guardians to raise awareness of the effects of APDs in school age children. Early intervention can improve their lives and help them reach their full potential.

Once connected, our goal is to guide them toward knowledgeable, trained, APD specialists, like yourself.

We’d like to help you be as prepared as possible to help diagnose and remediate Spatial Processing Disorder in your clinic and help us reach our 25x25 target.

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Get accredited today!

We have partnered with the University of Melbourne to re-released the HEARnet Learning training module “Remediating Spatial Processing Disorder with Sound Storm”. In doing so we have created the Sound Storm Audiologist Accreditation Program (AAP) that includes a number of key benefits to you and your clinic to better treat kids with SPD.

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Silver Tier
What you’ll get

Featured on the Sound Storm ' Find and Audiologist' page

25x Printed Parent/Guardian Brochures (AU/NZ only)

1 x A3 Sound Storm Clinic display Poster


AA, ABA, BSA or similarly qualified Audiologist

Specialisation in Paediatric Diagnostic Audiology or regularly treat children aged 6-12yrs with Auditory Processing Disorders or Speech Language deficits

Gold Tier
Silver tier’s benefits plus...

Tablet promo code for demo version of the Sound Storm App

Unlimited access to Sound Storm Training module

Additional Audiology Australia accreditation (1CP Point)


Have completed the Silver Accreditation

Have completed the University of Melbourne’s “Remediating Spatial Processing Disorder with Sound Storm” training

Platinum Tier
Gold tier’s benefits plus...

Access to your own personalised Patient Portal to monitor your patients’ progress

For every 10 referrals, 1x full-version of the Sound Storm App to give out at your discretion


Have completed the Gold Accreditation

Have made 5 successful Sound Storm referrals and are a genuine advocate

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