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About Sound Storm

What is the research behind Sound Storm?

Research demonstrating the effectiveness of Sound Storm (previously known as the LiSN & Learn training program) has been published in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. A list of these publications can be found in The Evidence page on this website.

How many players can be registered to play Sound Storm?

Each Sound Storm application purchased can be used with up to three players who are registered on the Player Setup Screen. For example, if two siblings require the training, both can use the software. You can also set yourself up as a player so that you can try the game without affecting your child’s performance.

Each player must log in and do their training using their unique player name. It is very important that no unregistered players use the software or access a specific player’s account to play the games because their performance will impact the registered player’s progress and reward system.

How many games should be played each day?

Your child should play two games per day, five days per week, until he or she has completed 100–120 games.

Sound stones are rewards earned during each game. There are 4 stones to be collected in a game, that is 8 sound stones per day.

Completing the two games each day takes around 20–30 minutes. After two games are completed, a message will appear: “Congratulations, you’ve completed two games. That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!”

What age group is Sound Storm suitable for?

Sound storm was developed for children aged 6 to 12 years.

Does the Sound Storm App need special headphones?

Any headphones are fine provided the same ones are used throughout the training.

How to play

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